Friday, February 23, 2018

Route Linings/Ceremonials

Route Linings and Ceremonial Pictures and Info

Thanks to Ian Hinks for these photos of one of our many route linings, this one was for the King of Nepal and of the Queen's Colour Parade.

Thanks to Tony Smith for the picture and news clipping of Lewis the goat.

The apprentice goat mascot was traditionally named Lewis (London, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland) and was a feature at various times since the 40's. Our goat, Lewis V was a British Saanan, born on 16th April 1980, and arrived at RAF Halton on 16th September 1980. Lewis V was the first goat to feature as an apprentice mascot for 20 years. Tony was 'volunteered' for the handlers position from upon high as he was from a farming family; an arable farming family!


    Queen's Colour Parade


      London Route Lining